Bargen Software
Software and IoT Engineering #python #javascript #android #rust #iot


I can offer the following services:

Software Development

I can develop all kinds of software for you. I'm mainly proficient at creating web based services using Python and Django. My preferred work is in the backend.

Besides web development, I can also do other kinds of software development. My main programming languages are Python and Rust, but I also know Java, C#, JavaScript, Bash, some Go and a little C.

Some other random technologies I have experience with: PostgreSQL, Redis, Docker, Git, Nginx, Ansible and Android.

Internet of Things

I can help you to build all kinds of IoT related things, like low-power sensor nodes or programmable LED installations. I know about security best practices, so the firmware I write will not end up in a DDoS-Botnet :)

Network Design

If you need help to design or extend your home or company network, or if you want to provide WiFi in your cafe or hotel, feel free to contact me.



I'm a software engineer located in Switzerland in the beautiful village of Rapperswil.

I finished my bachelor's degree in computer science (with focus on software engineering and security) at HSR in summer 2014. I'm currently employed part-time by Threema, helping them to bring secure, easy to use communication to the general public.

Besides that job, I started doing freelance work in the beginning of 2016. Please contact me if you need something to be done!

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me through one of the following channels:

Threema EBEP4UCA
IRC dbrgn on
PGP 75B14970B357F8F6 | dbrgn on keybase